About Us



Escape from Diab is a game that is not only fun and entertaining but highly informative as well. This is our way of informing the general public about the dangers of not taking care of themselves. We have chosen video games because nowadays, especially teenagers and young kids alike are interested in this type of entertainment. In fact, they spend hours and hours in front of the computer playing an RPG game and figuring out strategies in how they can fight off the different enemies in the video games that they favor. This time, we want them to apply the same strategy especially in caring for themselves. We want to show them in an entertaining manner how junk foods can really affect their well-being negatively. We want them to figure out themselves how to fight off diabetes.

Diabetes is a devastating illness. If not addressed immediately, can even cause fatalities and death due to the complications it brings. Not only once did a family suffer because of this scenario. The disease hitting their loved one is sad enough, add to that the fact that it can weigh down on the budget of the family and other related problems, it can also cause a family to be devastated. This is what we are hoping to prevent especially in small children.

Trust that Escape From Diab is always in the lookout for other ways in how we can serve the people better. We are always trying to maximize the use of technology so that we can disseminate information and we can let people be more aware of the harmful effect of their bad practices. In that way, they can also start doing something to address it while it is still early. Make sure to stay tuned here for more information and more development on our creations.