Q. Where can we find the game?
A. The game can be found here on the website. We have here links available in where you can download them as well.

Q. Is this game available on my smartphone?
A. The game is available on both smartphones and in personal computers. We have links on both here.

Q. Do we need to pay in order to download this game?
A. Payment is not required. The main goal of developing this game in the first place is to provide awareness to the public with regards to the danger brought about by diabetes. We want the public to know that they can prevent it and this is our way. As such, we do not charge even a single penny to them with regards to this.

Q. Do you perform updates on this game?
A. Our developers do perform updates on this. We strive to always make the game as enjoyable as possible so we clear them of bugs and other harmful things that aim to destroy your good experience as our audience and customer.

Q. Do we need to have an account before we can access this website?
A. An account is not anymore necessary unless you are going to interact at our Forum page or you are going to post at our Testimonials page. You can access our website anytime without having an account.

Q. Is registering for an account free?
A. All of our services here are free so no need anymore to think about additional expenses.

Q. Do you need to pay for an account?
A. You can register for an account FREE of charge. All you need is a valid and working email address because that is where we are going to send the confirmation email for the account we are going to create for you.