Fit. When was the last time I was?

The whistles, headaches and coughs keep coming. And when you get rid of it, you are days tired, listless and you don’t feel like anything.

What’s the matter with me?

You don’t dare to call in sick (again) or cancel that appointment with that dear friend. But you would prefer to flop on the couch with a movie or cozy magazine and lots of goodies. “What’s the matter with me,” people ask me in practice.

Ask the following questions

Just before spring comes, many women recognize themselves in this situation. Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. How is / was your work – free time balance
  2. You eat and drink well and healthily
  3. When did you last do something for yourself without feeling guilty?

Do not complain?

Many women find it hard to admit that they have had it for a while. Because yes, mothers / women should never be tired. You have chosen that job yourself. And those children did you want so badly? Well no whining then. Your life is perfectly in order for the outside world, but when you last felt fit, you can’t remember.

Tips for a spring boost

I give you some tips to give yourself a spring boost:

Get moving
Go for a nice walk or cycle outside and breathe in the fresh air. (good for your liver). Or relax in the sauna. You detoxify very well there. Yoga, pilate or other calm and relaxing forms of exercise also fit perfectly.

Clean your body
Natural products such as Chorella, coconut oil / water, spirulina, MSM, wheat grass, AFA algae, mulberries, gooseberries, maca, raw cacao, inca berries and nettle tea can help you rinse your body and your immune system. to reinforce . It helps to expel the waste that makes you tired. For example, make a delicious smootie with ingredients from the aforementioned list. And alternate nicely. You can use good probiotics to give your intestines extra support.

Schedule time for yourself As a jack-of-all-trades it is good to schedule time for yourself in your agenda every week. And then do something that you really want. Don’t want to.

Assume from me that you will quickly feel fresh, beautiful, healthy and happy again. To do!

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