Super love this game for my kids. I usually do not want them to engage in any online gaming but this is really very educational and informative. Of course, I tried it myself first even though I do not know the basics about these things but I enjoyed a lot. It is easy to understand. This is a good topic too between the whole family since all of us can relate. I usually ask my kids with regards to what they learned about it and we discuss the real-life application of it. I tell them what they needed to here especially the dangers. I give examples, which is easy because I have parents and relatives who have diabetes so you can really say that we are not safe from this type of illness. I want to teach them what to do to prevent them from having the same illness while they are young and I also use this to encourage them to eat their greens. So a win-win for us.


I have tried a dozen of games in my lifetime but this so far is my favorite. This is not too technical but the awareness incorporated into it without being too preachy is really amazing. Who’d like a boring and old educational material, right? Granted, we need the information but we can make it more attractive especially to those who are going to be reading them. If the kids are the target audience for this kind of material, much as well make it more interesting for them and these people nailed it. It was nice and the game is very straightforward and interesting. The challenge is very entertaining as well. Who knows fighting junk foods literally is a thing? Good job for all these people. I hope many materials like this will still be developed for the betterment of both adult and children alike.