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Many people suffer from different types of diseases on a regular basis. Some of them are diseases that can be cured easily, but there are also those which require prolonged medications just so the bacteria and viruses causing it can be completely eradicated in our system. There are also those diseases which unfortunately require lifetime maintenances at its worst stages. One of these is diabetes. To establish a common understanding of what diabetes is, it is basically a disease wherein the blood sugar is too high. There are many diabetes types and it can be categorized based on its gravity and based on its magnitude but while other types would not really require you a regular dose of insulin, Type 1 diabetes usually require this medication. Unfortunately also, for Type 1 diabetes, there is no cure yet. However, it can be regulated or treated by regularly administering insulin in different ways, regular physical fitness activities, and by undergoing a strict diet. Those people who are suffering from this disease usually have a physician who guides them of the best course of action to take. When you ask for the symptoms, people will immediately jump into telling you that diabetes is caused by the food you eat. But that is not the only reason or the only thing that can cause it. But there are also many factors that can contribute to it such as genetics and environmental factors such as viruses. Either way, you should always watch out for it because if not handled properly, this can cause infections that lead to death. Early symptoms for diabetes include an increase in thirst and appetite. There are also frequent urination problems and there are times reported that ants even congregate on the underwear of those people who are affected by the disease. There is also headache, fatigue, and blurring of vision being experienced. This is the reason why people should be on the lookout for the following symptoms stated above. Due to the seriousness of having diabetes, it is just right for people to be aware of it. After all, prevention is better than cure. Here, when it comes to awareness, we target people of all ages. It is important that even the kids know the importance of physical fitness and a balanced meal so we see to it that we provide that information here. Of course, we do it in a way that they will not ignore the precaution and that is only through a creative way. In looking for the best way, our team developed Escape from the Diab which is a video game that teaches children the ways in how they can veer away from diabetes. They have to actually fight a king who is not into a healthy living and supplying harmful junk foods to its people. There are many scenarios which everyone needs to go through a healthy choice to succeed. Such a game can be downloaded to handhelds and even to your own computer. Just do not play it as you back away from your garage door in Henderson to prevent accidents. Know more about this game by signing up for our newsletter.